Workers’ Comp – Who Needs it and Why?

Accidents happen. It’s best to be prepared and that’s what insurance is all about. Getting the right workers’ compensation insurance can protect your company from lawsuits and provide medical care and wage compensation to employees who are injured on the job.

Who Needs Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Companies over a certain number of employees are required to carry this insurance. State regulations vary, but a good workers’ compensation insurance company should be able to tell you the requirements for your state of operation. You may also want to check regulations regarding contract or commissioned employees.

How Can it Benefit Your Company?

While insuring your employees feels right, you also know it needs to be affordable. This is where insurance can really help your bottom line. There may not be any claims for months, but all it would take is one expensive accident to drain your accounts. Insurance premiums, though, are something you can budget for – a set cost each month that allows you to plan uses for your funds elsewhere, with no potential emergency looming.

How Can it Benefit Your Employees?

Feeling valued and protected by your employer builds trust in employees. And, should something happen, having the security that compensation and medical help is in place lets employees feel safe.

Finding the right workers’ compensation insurance for your company can help your business and your employees thrive.