Workers Comp: Let a Broker Find the Right Plan

Choosing to carry workers compensation is a legal responsibility, not an option for the vast majority of American businesses. Most states require viable insurance protection for even one employee, and all states require insurance for workforce’s of at least six.

Whatever the size of the company, finding (and paying for) workers comp insurance can add up to one massive headache. What is right for a large multi-state corporation is not the best option for a mom-and-pop business. Due to the inherent complexities of the process, independent agents can serve clients better with the help of a workers compensation insurance broker.

Special Services for Smaller Clients

As insurance providers become more specialized, it can be difficult to find the right plan for a small accounts client. A workers compensation insurance broker offers the advantage of established ties to a broad range of markets that are geared toward meeting the needs of small companies. In addition to in-house underwriting ability, a broker also can assist in setting up occupational safety and return-to-work programs.

Tailored Plans for Bigger Companies

Thinking out of the box for workers comp needs often can result in significant savings for larger businesses. A workers compensation insurance broker can help agents explore money-saving options that include:

  • Large deductible plans
  • Self-insurance programs
  • Captive insurance

Why go it alone? Let an experienced broker help you find the right solution for your large or small accounts client.