Why Is General Liability Insurance Necessary?

Are you a new business owner looking for general liability insurance in Orlando? While there are several other coverages that you will want to include in your policy, having the right amount of general liability coverage will serve as the foundation for all your other coverages.

How Does Business Liability Work?

Business liability policies serve one purpose – to protect you against lawsuits from third parties claiming that they experienced an adverse outcome because of your business. Rather than having to pay out of pocket, liability coverages will cover the cost of your legal fees including your attorneys’ fees and any damages for which you’re found liable.

What Situations Does General Liability Cover?

As the name implies, general liability is broad coverage for your everyday business activities. Some insurance agents will have it as a standalone coverage while others will use it as an umbrella policy for other, more specific, types of coverage like pollution liability insurance. Examples of where general liability insurance would come into play include a visitor injuring themselves on your premises or a client’s property becoming damaged due to a product purchased from your store.

Finding the right coverages can be challenging for new business owners. Work with an agent who understands general liability insurance in Orlando to craft a policy that’s right for you.