Why Insurance for Septic Tanks is Necessary

Why Insurance for Septic Tanks is Necessary

When your bathroom or kitchen flood it can be an overwhelming feeling. Sinks, bathtubs and toilets overflowing into hallways and bedrooms leaving a stench, or pools of stagnant water forming in gardens and landscape are the last things many want to handle. If your business works around septic tanks, inflicting this damage on your client’s property can be very inconvenient and costly. Learn the signs that a repair is needed and how to protect your business from septic tank insurance claims.

Signs and Risks of Damage

If you are on site and doing work near a septic tank, then it is important to recognize the damage that might not be obvious at first glance. A damaged tank can translate to risks such as infections, contaminations and physical harm so it is important to be cautious and have the proper safeguards in place. Some signs of damage include:

Imbalances in water chemistry

Standing water outside the property

Slow drains 

Backed-up drains causing flooding

Who Needs It

Because of the risks, costs and fines that come with a damaged tank, it is imperative that certain businesses are protected from septic tank insurance claims. It is highly recommended that most types of construction companies or contractors working anywhere near these tanks or underlying structures speak to an agent about how this coverage can benefit them.