What Kind of Tenants Do You Have?

Most people want to assume they will have good tenants, but that’s not always the case. However, this type of renter may not be easy to spot when you first meet them. So, how can you tell who the bad tenants are?

Warning Signs of Troublesome Renters

Some tenants that move into your housing may seem perfectly fine at first. Over time, you and other renters may notice certain habits that make them less than ideal neighbors and renters. Take a look at some common warning signs of people you may need to evict:

  • Loud parties
  • Illegal activities, such as drug dealing
  • Late rent payments
  • Damaging the property
  • Refusal of access to the property
  • Complaints from neighbors
  • Violating the lease agreement

If you or the neighbors notice these behaviors, it is up to the landlord to investigate within the confines of the law. From there, it may result in an eviction. The important part is that the landlord should get a handle on this situation before it becomes worse.

Develop Your Plan of Action

If you are dealing with bad tenants, make sure you know your state’s laws for managing that situation. For example, the information at http://www.rentrescue.com details how landlords can handle poor renters. This may be a good guide if you are putting together a plan to evict your tenants.