What Is Covered Under Hemp Harvesters Insurance

Hemp is known for its versatility. It can be turned into food, fiber or fuel. However, until recently, it was illegal in the U.S. That all changed in 2018, when the federal government passed the Farm Bill that made hemp a legal agricultural commodity. Earlier in the same year, California passed its own bill that legalized the hemp plant. Now, the industry is booming.

Third-Party Harvesters Insurance

Hemp farms are proliferating across the state, requiring the hands of many to help with the harvesting. Sometimes this is done in-house, but, increasingly, third-party contractors are hired for harvesting, processing and testing hemp crops. For third-party harvesting businesses, procuring hemp harvesters insurance policy is a good idea.

What To Look for in Your Coverage

As a third-party harvester, you cannot rely on insurance coverage from the cultivators who hire you. It is important to obtain your own policy to ensure that your company is protected. Look for coverage that has these critical features in their commercial liability policies:

  • Protection against advertising injury
  • Occurrence and aggregate coverage options
  • Lawsuit defense coverage
  • Excess carrier limits

As a contracted company, your business is responsible for damages when your services, employees or operations lead to advertising injury, personal injury, death or property damage. Protect your reputation, your company and your finances with an insurance policy designed for hemp harvesters.