What Is a Guaranteed Renewable Endorsement?

As a business, you likely have a commercial auto insurance policy to cover the company vehicles and employees driving them. However, not all auto policies operate in the same way. Guaranteed renewable endorsement car insurance is one type of endorsement that prevents the insurer from terminating the policy as long as the premiums are paid. Here’s more information on this auto insurance endorsement.


There are many benefits to a guaranteed renewable endorsement to your auto policy. Benefits remained unchanged for insureds up to the age of 65. With the non-cancellable rider, insureds can make policy changes and disability benefits payout as originally signed even if income levels change during the course of the policy. Guaranteed renewable policies ensure the business retains insurance as long as they pay their premiums.


The auto policy featuring the endorsement is often more expensive than a standard auto policy. Without the non-cancellable endorsement, only the insurance company can make policy changes not the insured. In addition, a conditionally renewable policy offers less benefits to the insured and gives the insurance company the ability to change the policy conditions annually.

Often the cost of the added policy isn’t much more making many policyholders choose both guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable riders. Speak with your insurance agent to see if a guaranteed renewable endorsement car insurance policy is right for your business. They can help you weigh the pros and cons and get the right auto policy your business needs.