What Factors Determine Your Car Insurance Quote?

Every driver requires auto insurance. When you’re in the market for new coverage, you may seek out an insurance quote. When receiving a quote, it helps to know the different factors that determine what your insurance quote will be.

Driving History

Your driving history is one of the most important factors when deciding your insurance quote. Car insurance quotes in CT rely on your history because this is the only way that insurers can estimate whether you are a safe driver.

Credit History

In some instances, an insurance company may look at your credit history before providing you with a quote. The purpose of checking your credit history is to decide how much your premium should cost. A person with a higher credit score will pay less in premiums than a person with a lower credit score.

Vehicle Type

Some cars cost less to insure than others. If your car has a higher safety rating, you are more likely to pay less on your car insurance than someone who has a low safety rating. Cars with a higher safety rating are less likely to suffer damage or require replacement parts.

Shopping around for auto insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. If you receive an accurate quote, you can decide which coverages are right for you.