What Does Groundwater Insurance Cover?

Processing groundwater is an important aspect of any water treatment. Much of the water you drink began as groundwater, which rests beneath the earth’s surface in rock crevices or soil. The filtering process requires special equipment to ensure that pollutants, bacteria and other factors don’t end up in the finished product. Like most industries, there are insurance policies available to groundwater operations designed specifically for their businesses’ needs. These may include well owners and operators insurance, laboratories, scientists and consultants insurance and groundwater drilling insurance coverage.

Well Owners and Operators

This type of insurance can cover damage to a water well due to equipment failure or natural disaster. The cost of bringing a well back online can be tremendous, and insurance may help ease that financial burden.

Laboratories, Scientists and Consultants

Laboratories and staff are vital to the water treatment process. They test for the presence of harmful materials and help maintain a high quality standard. If equipment is damaged or employees injured onsite, the testing process may suffer a setback. Insurance can provide the resources needed to get everything back on track.

Groundwater Drilling

Groundwater drilling creates the wells from which water is pumped, thereby beginning the water treatment process. Groundwater drilling insurance coverage can provide financial protection for companies that drill or provide drilling equipment.

A lot goes into obtaining and filtering the water you drink. Insurance can ensure that even when things go wrong, the filtering process won’t suffer.