The Transport Trifecta: Building a Solid Insurance Package

Your clients in the trucking industry depend on you for good advice concerning their insurance coverage, and it is important to show them that their trust is not misplaced. Let an agency such as ATM Insurance underwrite transport packages for your clients that provide the cargo, physical damage and auto liability coverage they need.

Cargo Coverage

Your clients’ customers often rely on them to transport products. Cargo insurance protects both your clients and their customers in the event that the merchandise they are carrying gets damaged by any of the following occurrences:

  • Theft
  • Water leaks
  • Refrigeration failure
  • Rough road conditions

Damage Compensation

If your clients’ rig is damaged in any way, the expense of repairing it so that it is operational again could be devastating. Physical damage coverage can help. Specialists at ATM Insurance have analyzed the needs of the industry and can design policies that include both comprehensive coverage in case of fire or theft and collision coverage for damages that occur during an accident.

Auto Liability

Liability insurance protects your clients from legal costs. It can pay legal fees and cover any settlements that a third party might be awarded in a case against your clients.

You can trust your MGA for competitive quotes and fast turnaround. In turn, this level of service can help build your clients’ trust in you.