Top Tips for Safe Driving This Spring

Truck drivers account for a lot of the shipping of cargo and products across the nation. Trucking insurance program specialists offer protection of your assets while on the road as the seasons change. As spring brings rain and severe weather to various parts of the country, truckers need to take precautions to ensure they and the cargo arrive safely to their destination.

Safe Speeds

Wet roads and high winds make it imperative that truck drivers take it to slow out on the roadways. After storms, it is especially important to be aware as debris and road closures may block your path. A stick across the road may be easy to drive over but can cause damage to the vehicle behind you.

Wildlife Grows

Spring brings a growing number of wildlife out onto the road. These animals have babies that they bring with them that move slower than the adults. A moose or deer can cause damage to your rig. Make sure you keep an eye out especially, traveling at night or mountainous areas.

Check Forecast

With fronts making their way across the country, severe weather happens. Keep an eye on the forecast to see if you need to travel around a storm or seek shelter. The seasons change but driving a truck doesn’t stop. Use these tips and trucking insurance program specialists to arrive with your cargo intact safely.