Top Benefits of a Fleet Insurance Policy

If your business has multiple company vehicles then you are likely a candidate for fleet insurance. Every vehicle you own needs some type of insurance policy and fleet coverage can make things easier to manage. It can even cover various types of cars, trucks, and equipment under one policy.

What Are Benefits?

There are several benefits to moving to fleet coverage. These are generally true no matter what size business or fleet you own.

  • Fleet insurance covers all vehicles under one policy. This allows employees to drive any of them and still be covered in the event of an accident.
  • It makes renewal easier by not having to manage multiple individual policies.
  • You will save money through rate discounts from having multiple vehicles on one policy.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of fleet coverages will vary based on several aspects. Of course, the number of vehicles to be covered plays a role but so does the age and type of them. What you do with the vehicles will also have an impact on pricing. Premiums will also fluctuate depending on coverage additions such as roadside assistance and increased liability limits.

Every company’s situation is unique when it comes to their fleet arrangement. Talking to a knowledgeable insurance professional will ensure you get the right protection and the best price.