Top 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Purchase Errors and Omissions Coverage

Entrepreneurs must wear many hats. Not only must they understand their customers’ needs, they must tackle a variety of administrative tasks. Savvy small business owners often choose to work with a skilled insurance agent, such as the ones at Axis Insurance, to purchase errors and omissions coverage. Here are the top three reasons entrepreneurs typically decide to purchase errors and omissions insurance.

1. Peace of Mind

Lawsuits can be extended to defend. Even if an organization ultimately wins, legal fees can ruin a small business. With errors and omissions coverage, entrepreneurs often get the peace of mind they need to focus on their products.

2. Regulatory Compliance

For professional entrepreneurs, errors and omissions coverage may be required by a state licensing board.

3. Professional Partnership

Purchasing errors and omissions coverage from a reputable agency generally gives busy entrepreneurs access to the following benefits of their professional relationship:

  • Informational resources for limiting legal liability
  • Special programs to control costs
  • Affordable rates and comprehensive protection policies
  • Competent service to recommend additional insurance coverage

Instead of leaving the success of their organizations to chance, may start-up entrepreneurs choose to purchase a tailored insurance policy. By working with a knowledgeable agent, such as those at Axis Insurance, any small business owner can likely find the right errors and omissions insurance.