Three Ways to Boost Live Event Profits

Live events extend beyond concerts and music events. There are a variety of costs associated with running an event such as staffing, production, insurance for live events and the acts. These tips can help you increase your profitability.

Roaming Vendors

Rather than waiting for customers to come to the booth, use a roaming vendor that takes the sales to the customer. Deploying cashless systems allows your staff to sell items while walking around. This provides increased opportunities to make a sale.

Cashless Transactions

A cashless system takes away the need to process cash, credit or debit cards. Having customers pay into an account set aside for their time at the event makes sales faster and more convenient for both you and the customer. They don’t have to wait in long lines and can take advantage of on-site promotional offers.

Customer Engagement

Take customer engagement beyond the event to their social media and email accounts. Offer them options for future events, post-event swag and pre-event opportunities only available to those on the list. The experts at RMS Hospitality Group recognize these events offer a niche insurance opportunity.

Insurance for live events helps you limit the financial losses associated with a lawsuit. Along with insurance, these tips can help increase your profits and minimize your losses.