The Power of Social Media Strategy for Insurance Companies

Social media platforms have come a long way in the past 10 years. In particular, they have become primary marketing tools for a large number of businesses. If you run an insurance agency, that includes you. Without a doubt, social media strategy for insurance companies is becoming increasingly important as insurers strive to reach more customers with useful online content.

Many People Use Social Media

One reason that social media offers such a powerful resource for businesses like insurance agencies to connect with customers is that so many people use these online platforms. In the United States, for example, 56% of Americans report having a social media profile. With this in mind, think about how much you could potentially expand the audience of your agency’s content. 

More People Use Social Media for Purchase Decisions

Another key point to know about social media is that more and more consumers are using these online platforms to help inform their buying decisions. For example, 46% of online users report getting information from social media when making a purchase. Additionally, roughly three out of five small businesses say that social media has allowed them to gain new customers and increase sales.
With the wide scope of customer potential that social media offers, there are numerous ways that insurance agencies can benefit by implementing a carefully thought out social media content strategy.