Supplemental Commercial Insurance Policies

If your business operates a warehouse proving inventory storage on a temporary or long-term basis, a general commercial liability policy isn’t enough to protect you from legal concerns. Given the placement client products within your control, a third-party policy is needed to bridge the gaps in coverage. A warehouse legal liability policy is just the thing.

With the customer’s product in your warehouse, you become responsible for offering a reasonable amount of care and attention to ensuring the safety and security of the items. While the customer maintains insurance coverage against losses incurred by fire, flooding, a windstorm or other disaster, damage or loss as a result of negligence or inaction by your company is not their responsibility. Without an additional policy, these costs would come straight out of your pocket.

As a third-party policy, coverage is afforded only in instances where a “reasonable amount of care” was not taken with the client’s products. Warehouse legal liability is a unique situation that is effective in general situations of mishandling and negligence. Situations which require specific underwriting might include:

  • Damage from rodents or insects
  • Damage from extreme temperature changes
  • Rotting or molding
  • Common wear and tear
  • Scratching, marring or breaking

Taking an additional warehouse policy is great protection from legal concerns. It assures your clients of a commitment to quality services.