We Serve Your Industry With Business Insurance Solutions

At Haughn & Associates, Inc., we take pride in the diversity of our service offerings. Each of our insurance solutions packages is tailored to the unique risks and demands of your particular industry, with expertise serving:

Information Technology

Information technology companies are consistently facing the threats of the information age. With constant cybersecurity attacks, technology failure, and unexpected product vulnerabilities, you need an insurance policy that covers the unexpected in a world where every day brings a new change in the industry.


We don’t shy away from the complexities of construction insurance at Haughn & Associates, Inc.. Our focus has been on the construction industry since inception, with a wealth of expertise in project-specific and company-specific solutions, workers’ compensation, and more.


Protect the growth in your business by relying on our insurance offerings. Whether you run a crop farm or dabble in hydroponics, we work to protect you with custom programs.

Habitational & Commercial Property

Your residential and commercial properties are safe with H&A’s extensive coverage packages. We handle general liability, commercial property, excess liability and commercial umbrella, pollution liability, commercial auto — and a much greater list, tailored to your needs.


While you’re busy engineering the solutions that drive our lives, Haughn & Associates, Inc. is busy creating the insurance packages that protect you. Get in touch today to discover more about the H&A difference, and how we can tailor insurance for you.