Safeguarding Your Hospice With Comprehensive Coverage

Your hospice extends great care to all its patients. However, any hospice can be subject to a wide array of incidents that can put financial strain on your location. Why not spend the same attention you do on your patients on the protection of your hospice?

Whether you have opened up your first location or are wishing to expand your coverage, business insurance for hospices can be a complicated matter. However, learning about some key policies that you may encounter can make a world of difference.

Professional Liability

One of the most important coverages any business can have is professional liability. This can help repair any mistake an employee has caused. In the case of hospices, these can cover claims caused by medical error or accident.

Abuse & Molestation Liability

Unfortunately, any industry can be target to evil predators. Abuse & molestation liability coverage can attempt to repair the damages as this insurance can cover reparations from lawsuits. It can also cover the defense costs during trial.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices insurance is aimed at litigation you may encounter from former or current employees. Whether it be discrimination or wrongful termination, this coverage can ease the impact on your business’s wallet.

Finding adequate business insurance for hospices is crucial to maintaining a smooth operation. Start working with an agency today to build your shield of protection.