Risks of Nonprofit Volunteer Drivers

Volunteers are an important part of a nonprofit. Their time and dedication can keep the organization running smoothly. However, there are situations where volunteers could hold your nonprofit liable. There are some risks if your nonprofit requires your volunteers to drive. Below are a few situations where having nonprofit volunteer auto insurance could help. 

Volunteers The Drive a Nonprofit Car

Having a nonprofit car can be a great way to transport people, supplies and other items necessary for your nonprofit. Making sure you have adequate auto insurance for a nonprofit is important.

If a volunteer crashes the vehicle, several different coverages can help. There is a liability, medical coverage and vehicle damages. Review your insurance carefully. If one of these three areas is not covered, it could cost your nonprofit a lot. 

Volunteers that Drive Their Car

When a volunteer drives a personal vehicle, their auto insurance should cover them. However, if other people are injured on volunteer time, your nonprofit could be held liable. Double-check your auto insurance policy for your organization. Some coverages can help with this situation. 

Having a vehicle can help your nonprofit in the long run. It is simply important to make sure there are certain protections in place. Being prepared now can save you hassle later.