Protecting Your Company and Employees

For any staffing agency, employment practices liability insurance, or EPLI, is a much needed policy. Your technical employees who are sourced to work for other companies may bring a claim against the agency that should be covered within a policy. A good policy should cover any claims that might arise which are not considered a violation of workers’ compensation. Claims can range anywhere in nature from wrongful termination to harassment to discrimination. With many different possibilities for claims, employment practices liability is high.

Covered Employment Risks

To fully address the need for risk management the proper insurance methods should be employed to avoid any unnecessary legal action or conflict. Employment practices liability policies are now customized to not only protect applicants, but also temporary employees as well as in-house employees at an agency. With a continual increase in contract work, legislation is ever-changing as well. Policies should continually be updated in order to reflect the most recent legislation in the staffing industry.

A Comprehensive View

A policy should be comprehensive including separate limits and deductibles. It should also cover workplace torts, meaning actions that are not included in workers’ compensation such as demotions, retaliations or even defamation. Wrongful business environment coverage should also be included so that the policy encompasses the wide array of possible claims that may be brought to the group’s attention.