Protect Your Freight With Cargo Insurance

Throughout history, the job of transporting cargo from one place to another has always been fraught with danger. In the old days, ships carrying everything from gold to spices to rum were subject to storms, pirates, corsairs and other perils. In the modern age, the trucking industry faces its own litany of potential obstacles. Fortunately, insurance programs for trucking cargo have come a long way. A company can protect its valuable cargo while it is on the road with affordable, customized insurance solutions.

The most obvious danger of interstate trucking is an accident. Truckers must often do battle with inclement weather such as snowstorms, high winds, fog, ice, heavy rains and even sand storms. Today’s trucker must also cope with tired and distracted drivers, as well as highways with extremely heavy traffic volumes. A trucking company might have to deal with drivers who are tired, under the influence or simply inexperienced. All of this makes it necessary to have solid insurance coverage that can cover cargo worth tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Insurance programs for trucking cargo come with many different features. The right policy will protect a trucking company from accidents, breakdowns, refrigeration failures and the costs associated with a messy cleanup. Inadequate cargo insurance could cost a company a bundle.