Do You Need Life Insurance If You Don’t Have Children?

Insurance is designed to protect your financial future or that of your family. When you don’t have children, you may think that life insurance isn’t worth the expense. You might want to consider the following questions before deciding that you should pass on a policy:

  • How will your final expenses be covered? NCSF insurance offers policies to pay for a funeral, which can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Is anyone counting on you financially? You may not have children, but if you care for a sibling or elderly parent, they may need additional income at your death.
  • Has anyone co-signed for you? If your mom or dad signed paperwork to help you get a loan, your creditors can come after them if you default on your loan because you died.
  • Could you have future health issues that might preclude you from getting coverage when you’re older? Life insurance costs tend to increase as you age. Purchasing a policy when you’re younger and maintaining it makes sure you will always have it.

NCSF insurance agents can help you determine if you need life insurance and what amount is appropriate for your age, income and situation. Discuss your insurance needs and have peace of mind that your estate will be handled at your death.