Multi-Family Units: Do You Need Specialized Insurance Options?


If you own a multi-family unit, condominium, student housing or any other habitational building, then you already know the unique risks involved with these types of properties. In order to fully protect your buildings and those who live in them, you need specialized insurance coverage. This is where habitational insurance carriers come in.

Coverages to Look For

When it comes to habitational insurance, you need liability and property solutions that make sense. The options have to address specific habitational risks. While general liability and commercial property are two coverages that most businesses need, there are many other specialized coverages to consider. These policies include:

Windstorm coverage

Excess liability coverage

Custom equipment coverage

Law and ordinance coverage

Environmental impairment liability coverage

Cyber liability coverage

Workers’ compensation coverage

Hired & non-owned auto coverage

Additional insured coverage

Directors liability coverage

Of course, these aren’t the only coverages that you may need. Every business and the habitational facility has different needs that the insurer needs to address.

When it comes to owning multi-family units, you have inherent and specific risks that you have to manage. Without the right insurance carrier, managing risks is near impossible. This is why it’s crucial for all building owners to look into habitational insurance carriers for specialized insurance options and customizable policies.