Maintain Safety With Maintenance Service Insurance

When running a maintenance service, other businesses and companies trust you to care for their buildings without causing any sort of harm to it or the people working inside. However, accidents happen, so it’s safe to include a line of protection with maintenance insurance. By having insurance that will cover any mistakes and claims that happen due to your service’s mistakes, this will ensure to whoever is hiring you that you’ll be able to handle problems rather than pushing issues onto them.

What Coverage Do Maintenance Services Need?

The first clear insurance policy that most, if not all, businesses need is general liability. This covers cases of damage done to a person or property, which can certainly happen when handling maintenance. If someone is hurt on the job or a mistake in repair adds further damage, general liability can manage the costs required.

If your business regularly transports tools and equipment from one job to the next, it’s a good idea to include automobile and inland marine policies to your maintenance insurance program. These will cover the commercial or private vehicle used for traveling, as well as any of the items in transit. This is useful if there is an accident on the road and either of these are damaged.

Finally, another type to consider including is equipment breakdown insurance. If your service uses complicated and expensive equipment, then making sure there is coverage for cases where they may stop working can save your business a lot financially.