Keeping Welders Out of the Hot Seat

Welders and their skills are on the front line of the manufacturing industry, but this job is often done under extreme care and caution. Because of the danger associated with the conditions and the nature of welding, welding insurance is recommended as one of the primary ways to address the risk. Source:

There are five reasons why welders need good insurance.

1. Accidental Fires. Even with the training and safety precautions, accidental fires can happen when using the tools of the trade. Ablaze can destroy your business or other property.

2. Tool Theft. Welding tools are expensive, and your shop might become a crime of opportunity. With insurance, you can replace the tools stolen and keep working.

3. Business Vehicle Accidents. If you are delivering a product or taking a sales call in a company vehicle, insurance can cover the losses if you are involved in an accident. Check on commercial auto insurance.

4. Employee Burns. The close proximity to heat and hot objects creates potential burn situations. If you or employees need medical attention, insurance can help cover the cost.

5. Poor Work Claims. Unhappy customers might make claims of poor craftsmanship. A professional liability policy provides the funds to defend the case in the event of legal action.

If you don’t have a quality insurance plan for your welding company, consider these five reasons as an incentive. Proactively address your risks and exposures.