Insuring Your Yacht Club or Marina Business

Marine industries are unique in their risks and advantages, and each is different. When your organization relies on its ability to provide stellar hospitality services, dock services, and add-ons like short-term rentals, you need a robust policy that can manage all of it. While not every marina or yacht club will do all those things, many do, which is why insurance for marinas and yacht clubs should anticipate those needs.

Property, Liability & Employment Combined

Shopping with an insurance provider whose focus in on your industry alone means being able to bundle coverage together to streamline your insurance review while tailoring it to your company’s exact needs. All your major coverage areas are addressed, including:

  • Property protection covering equipment, buildings, and outdoor facilities, including docks and slips
  • Crime protection, wind & hail coverage, and other basic risk coverage provisions
  • Liability protection including umbrella policy extensions, general coverage, and liability protection for your slip services
  • Ship repairer’s legal liability, indemnity protection, and even commercial vehicle coverage
  • Employment liability and worker’s compensation coverage as needed
  • D&O insurance

This is only a partial list. Experienced marine insurance providers can dial up or down the service provisions to match the needs of your business. They have the experience to look at all the needs of various marine industries, adapting provisions from related business models to customize your coverage as needed. That’s what comprehensive insurance for marinas and yacht clubs offers your organization.