Insurance for home health care providers

In the United States today, more than 12,000 home health care agencies provide services to more than 12 million people. Insurance for home health care providers is a critical part of business planning in a field where most clients are over 65, and the majority suffer with one or more of diabetes, heart failure, arthritis, high blood pressure, and chronic skin ulcers. Having the right insurance protects home health care providers and their employees.

Staffing Challenges

In 2017, the turnover rate in home health care rose above 66%. This means that agencies are often relying on new, unproven staff members to handle serious medical and care giving challenges in a changing context. Many employees are part-time, use their own vehicles to travel to and from sites ,sometimes transporting clients ,and face frequent schedule changes and unexpected events.

How Can Insurance Help?

You do everything you can to hire the best people, but in the current climate, it may be difficult to find them. The right insurance can help to protect your company from the results of staff mistakes or errors, including neglect or abuse. Some of the specific coverage’s available include:

  • HIPAA violation
  • sexual abuse/misconduct
  • crime & privacy
  • professional liability

You may not be able to anticipate every problem, but insurance for home health care providers can help protect you when things go wrong.