Insurance Designed to Service the Staffing Industry

If your business is recruiting, screening, and assigning staff to companies around the world, you need insurance that reflects the unique position your business places you in. It’s not enough to have general liability, because the specifics of labor laws and liability change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and that’s a challenge when you have staff in multiple countries, working for multiple client firms. Luckily for the worldwide staffing community, there is a specific insurance niche where the providers understand the needs of staffing firms and design policies around them.

Policies To Fit Your Firm

Staffing companies don’t start out as international labor recruiting firms, but they need insurance that understands the eventual outcome of a staffing company’s growth in the age of global marketplaces. That means an insurance provider who can help you navigate your liability in each jurisdiction where you operate, and who understands the way third-party liability plays into your responsibilities as you provide skilled labor to clients.

Property damage
Injury to workers and third parties
Wrongful death

Work With Experts

You recruit the best and most knowledgeable labor you can find when a client calls for new workers. Use the same approach to buying your insurance. The worldwide staffing industry is a vital part of the international economy, and if you operate in it, you need insurance that lets you manage your risks so you can compete with the best.