Insurance as Powerful as Your Drilling Enterprise

With growing population numbers, countries rely more and more on the resources our world naturally provides. Tapping into the layers of the Earth can be an exciting investment. It can provide plenty of economic opportunity for those willing to search for it. However, what seems like an gold mine can turn into a financial disaster without the proper drilling insurance. Before you dig your hands into the ground, here a few coverages you should consider.

Pollution Liability

Even with adequate safety measures, a leak or spill can occur when you least expect it. The damages this can cause to people and to the environment are enormous. Pollution liability allows you to handle the reparations to property and people. You may even be able to pay for cleanup efforts.

Inland Marine

You may likely transport products across land. Inland marine insurance helps protect this property while it is being transported. This can include any loss or damage to product.

Equipment Insurance

Drilling operations require expensive machinery that can still suffer breakdowns like any other piece of industrial equipment. Depending on your policy and coverage, equipment insurance can help you pay for repairs and/or pay for a replacement.

Other types of drilling insurance include general and professional liability. Each of these can come in handy during a time of real need.