Holding Your Liquor and Your Liquor Serving Business

Many people enjoy leaving the home to go to a restaurant, bar, lounge or club that serves alcohol. Businesses that serve beer, wine, and liquor are exposed to risks involving alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and even death. Some jurisdictions have clearly defined regulations involving these businesses and with respect to limits on how much liquor a patron is served. Despite this, hospitality-based companies are still exposed to the risk of lawsuits and claims.

Protecting Your Business

While a restaurant or bar has a responsibility to protecting customers, owners have a responsibility to protect their businesses from the threat of lawsuits and other alcohol-related claims. In the unfortunate event of a drunk driving accident, many people, including jurors, hold these businesses at least partially responsible. A liquor liability insurance policy can help protect your business from financial harm due to unprotected damages or lawsuits.

Securing Adequate Coverage

You understand the specific needs of your company when it comes to serving alcohol. Choose an insurer that has a proven track record when it comes to knowledge and experience within the hospitality industry. Keep the drinks flowing as well as your operational health with the right coverages. A tailored approach is best for making sure that your business is adequately protected when it comes to liquor liability.