Does My Insurance Cover Subcontractors?

You are finally doing that kitchen remodel you have always dreamed about, but you’re a little nervous about your handyman subcontracting some of the work. If something goes wrong, will the contractor cover the mistake? In other words, are subcontractors covered under contractors insurance?
The short answer is “It depends.” But it is important to make sure that anyone working on your home is insured. How do you do that? Begin by checking with your contractor.

On, it states that your contractor has two options for ensuring that everyone on your job is insured. The contractor can either purchase general liability insurance that covers subcontracting work and attaches that to his or her own coverage or require every subcontractor to carry their own liability insurance.

The contractor has good reason to do this. If damage occurs in your home, you are most likely going to place blame on the contractor and expect the contractor to pay for repairs. If his subcontractors are not insured, then that damage could cause financial ruin and put the contractor out of business.
When you hire a contractor, ask whether he covers his subcontractor’s liability insurance or requires those subcontractors to show proof of insurance. You might even want to take a leap and ask to see proof of coverage before any work takes place. Are subcontractors covered under contractors insurance? It’s your job to find out.