Do You Need Maritime Employers’ Liability Coverage?

If you operate a maritime business where your employees regularly work aboard vessels at sea, the answer to the question is probably yes. While it’s not required by any state or the federal government, this form of insurance is vital to the protection of your business if a tort for injury is brought under admiralty law. That means basically that you’ll want maritime employers liability coverage in cases where your employees serve aboard client vessels and in cases where they are on your own. When your employees are on someone else’s ship to work, the coverage takes care of your liability for any injury they incur doing that work. It also insures any employees on your own vessels, even if they are your client’s or a contractor’s and not your own.

Protecting Your Workers Wherever They Work

MEL coverage is important to maritime employers who operate their own vessels, but it’s also a staple in the risk management planning of any maritime staffing agencies whose business model involves supplying staff to work as contractors aboard client vessels. That’s not all, though. It also protects your company, which would be liable for both damages and judicial costs if found so in a court. Those damages can be catastrophic, especially if the injury is related to a catastrophe that affected your equipment’s condition or one that injured a group of workers.