Directors and Officers Insurance from Axis

Management services in all types of industries, from public, private to non-profit organizations and businesses, are all being faced with more liability risks in recent times. This puts not only directors and officers of a business in trouble, but also the company itself if it needs to cover the costs put on the management. However, Axis Management Liability Coverage can protect those involved in financial risks of daily decisions that may lead to a loss for individuals or the company itself.

What Does Axis Cover?

When it comes to Axis Management Liability Coverage, there are three main areas:

  • Directors and Officers
  • Indemnification of Officers
  • Entity Coverage

This means that the coverage is able to cover the costs of individual managers, the company itself and cases in which the business had to reimburse one of the officers.

Why Axis?

While many insurance companies which include a form of Management or Directors and Officers insurance have a focused area of specialization, making their coverage best fit for only certain industries, Axis Management Liability Coverage is formulated and laid out for each company so that it best fits their needs. Axis works with you to make sure that the unique risks of each industry and company are properly addressed, creating coverage that is suited for your business and its needs.