Cyber security Concerns for the Healthcare Industry Due to COVID-19

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hackers are taking advantage of the stresses on overburdened healthcare systems to breach vulnerable data. This exposes personal information in patient records and wreaks havoc on critical care units.

The Serious Consequences of Cyber Crimes

Healthcare facilities are consistently seeking new ways to protect data access. Stolen records can be used in identity theft and damage an individual’s creditworthiness. Cybercriminals sell this information to the highest bidder. Insurance companies who provide risk management insurance warn that COVID-19 and healthcare cybersecurity is one of the most pressing problems at this time. Many hospitals don’t realize their systems are affected, as medical staff continues to input sensitive patient information. Cybercriminals use sophisticated ransomware that is not easily detected.

Forbes recently reported that rising hospital cybercrimes are causing dangerous concerns for medical treatment. Medical equipment has become more technology-oriented in the past decade, leaving it susceptible to hacks. Criminals seek to deny limited resources and use extortion for profit. Insurance industry experts urge healthcare providers to take action now to secure storage systems. This should include training and protocols for staff on what to do if they suspect a cyberattack has occurred.

Taking proactive steps to ensure the protection of information will result in fewer devastating breaches and are a cost-effective defense in this difficult time.