Cyber Breaches Can Also Affect Small Businesses

Security breaches have once again been making the news, with companies such as Adidas, Kmart, and even Sears reporting that customers shopping online have had their information compromised in the last year. The threat of cyber crimes against small businesses has become a major concern as well, due in part to the fact that their online security tends to be even less stringent.

Now that Internet sales represent a larger part of business transactions in today’s market, companies must find better means of protecting confidential information and data that they store, which will involve having better security practices in place. The threat of a cyber attack is certainly on the agenda of companies of all sizes, and locally, cyber liability insurance in Orlando is the best way to address these concerns.

Criminals target easily hacked small companies

Small business owners need to realize that hackers engaged in cyber crimes have the ability to intrude on their companies with more efficiency simply because their techniques are rapidly evolving, and this makes these companies, seen as rather vulnerable, at constant risk of an attack.

Knowing that these threats exist, small business owners need to start implementing security policies that can help to minimize their exposure. A simple flaw in the way your website operates is all anyone with the capabilities needs to gain access to credit card and social security numbers, along with other private information.

Installing the latest malware, spyware and firewall software programs can help prevent attacks, and may reduce the ability to intrude upon a company’s confidential records. This is essential in any efforts to eliminate threats before the damage is done. Another way to prevent cyber criminals infiltrating your systems is by training employees on the importance of using harder to access passwords, a crucial step in upgrading your cyber security.

You should also be encrypting your company emails and communications, as this will require anyone attempting to hack into your network the need to fight through another layer of protection. Dealing with such a deterrent isn’t generally worth their time and forces them to attempt to steal information from an easier target.

Cyber crimes are a constant issue for companies so heavily reliant on Internet sales. A sound risk management plan will alleviate some exposures, but only cyber liability insurance in Orlando will help in the aftermath of an attack.