Coverage for Employee Accidents

Many states have established standards for providing a working environment that offers compensation and protection in the event of an accident or incident involving employees. For concerned business owners, consulting with experienced workers compensation brokers is the best way to address potential risk and coverage needs for your business.

How Much Does it Cover?

Workers’ compensation plans offer financial coverage in the event an employee is injured or harmed while on the job or performing company business. For the employee, the compensation can address both medical costs associated with the situation and also lost waged dues to temporary or even long-term disability.

The coverage also extends to the financial needs of the employer during one of these situations. In the event of a lawsuit, these policies will offer assistance to cover legal costs. Often, the liability rests with the employer to assume responsibility regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

How Much Does it Cost?

As you meet with workers’ compensation brokers, you will find variety in the prices of policy. The cost of a policy depends on the number of employees, the location of the businesses or prior accident claims. The type of industry your business operates also influence the cost. High risk or dangerous operations generally determine a higher premium.