Comprehensive Dock Operator Coverage

As a marina operator, you need to have a strong grasp on risk and liabilities that your operations present and understand the coverage limits and benefits of your marina insurance policy. The experts at Merriman Marine warn operators of the danger of purchasing insurance based on the price alone. Focusing solely on price can leave you underinsured.

Generic Coverage Lines

With a property insurance policy, you will often get coverage for the physical elements associated with your operations. This usually includes

Travel Lifts
Inland marine equipment

Business personal property

However, a marina presents unique coverage needs, and you need to read the fine print on your insurance contract. Rather than look at saving money, look at the long-term benefit of the plan.

Things to Look for in the Small Print

Make sure that you know the details of your insurance coverage. Check on the policy limits for floating buildings or property. Many policies will exclude these items in the quote and offer to have them included in dry-land property coverage for a cheaper rate. This can prove disastrous is something happens and a claim needs to be filed. Be sure that your marina insurance policy comprehensively covers the property and operations.
A well-run marina will keep an operator busy running here and there. Don’t let insurance concerns distract you; make a quality coverage purchase.