Cloud Computing for The Insurance industry

Cloud Computing Organization

Cloud computing within the insurance industry enables anyone to input information into a database to be used within a larger network. This allows for a seamless organization of information of applications, CRM managed prospects, word/excel documents, and many other policies or forms to be viewed and filled out. Cloud computing is the most efficient way to store information as well as have instant communication.


Websites can instantly use this technology to then send the client’s information to another entity to create a quick exchange of information. This “SaaS”, or Software as a Service, has been utilized at great lengths from familiar companies such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office Live and Twitter; to name a few. SaaS has increasingly become the number one in the growth of sales over the years. From 2011-2016 it has accounted for more than 81% of the total cloud market. The insurance market has adopted the usage of this technology and has also seen an increase in sales from implementing it.