Basic Business Insurance To Get Started

Searching for business insurance can be a daunting task for new business owners. The uncertainty of what coverages are needed and how much is needed can lead to frustration. If that’s where you are, here is a brief explanation of the basic insurance coverages you should carry for your business.

Liability Insurance

You’ll find different forms of liability insurance depending on your industry and the insurance companies in Hartford, CT you’ve researched. Overall, their purpose is to protect you in case someone who isn’t an employee experiences some sort of loss or injury because of your business. If a lawsuit is filed, your policy can cover any legal fees or payments for which you are found liable.

Property Insurance

From your office space to the data on your computer, property insurance pays for the repair or replacement of your covered property if they’re lost or damaged. Covered incidents for which you can make a claim usually include fires, storms, vandalism and theft.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation isn’t always a requirement, but it’s highly recommended. It offers payments towards lost wages, medical expenses and other fees associated with an employee being injured or becoming sick because of job-related activities.

There are many other insurance types available and your coverage amounts will depend on your needs and financial situation. The best insurance companies in Hartford, CT can help you craft a policy that satisfies your demands.