Augmenting Liability Coverages for Staffing Firms

Insuring your staffing agency can present challenges that other businesses don’t face. Review these insurance options to see if you should supplement your professional and general liability policies with additional temporary staffing insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Changing standards in employment practice can make it difficult to determine whether your firm or your client is responsible for defending against potential claims. Employment practices liability insurance can protect your employees, staff and clients against allegations that include discrimination and harassment. Such policies can also contain duty to defend provisions and wrongful business environment coverage.

Abusive Acts Liability Insurance

Available as an individual policy with separate limits, temporary staffing insurance for abusive acts can protect against claims from third parties for acts such as causing physical injury, disease or mental anguish. Coverage can provide for investigation costs as well as expenses incurred for media or public relations services.

Crime Insurance

From simple theft of goods to funds embezzlement, crime insurance can protect you and your client from losses due to an employee’s acts. Enhanced policy terms can address a number of areas:

  • Expense provision for security breaches
  • Individual limits for different clients
  • Fraudulent impersonation coverage

Working with an experienced insurance agency can help you identify risks that staffing agencies commonly experience. A comprehensive temporary staffing insurance plan can protect your business from the effects of costly damage claims.