5 Surprising Sources of Business Pollution

What comes to mind when most people think of business pollution are chemical factories and nuclear power plants. However, many people would be shocked to learn that other businesses are subject to pollution liability because they use, produce, or simply deal with toxic substances.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, surgical centers and clinics handle all sorts of toxic materials. Everything from the drugs used to radioactive diagnostic compounds can pollute the environment if not properly disposed of or handled.

Dental Offices

Many dentists work with mercury-containing amalgam filling materials, either in new procedures or through removing old dental work. This means the metal which is a known neurotoxin can be released back into the environment through refuse and waste water if not disposed of properly.

Roofing Companies

The roofing tar or liquid asphalt typically used are considered hazardous waste because they contain phenol and naphthalene. These substances are known to be harmful to humans if released into the environment in large quantities.

Computer Repair Shops

Circuit boards and other components contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, and cadmium. These metals don’t degrade and are known to cause cancer and other problems in humans.

Stone Workers

Naturally-occurring stones like granite or quartz are not harmful on their own. However, dust created when the material is cut or polished contains harmful silica which can lodge in the lungs.

Places like factories and refineries get most of the blame for environmental pollution. However, now you know there are other businesses that must shoulder the blame and act responsibly.