5 of the Most Common Property Insurance Claims

Your home is a very valuable asset. You want to protect it. Make sure you are covered against these common types of property insurance claims.


Weather can be unpredictable, and home damage from extreme weather occurrences is difficult to prevent. Wind and hail account for the largest number of property insurance claims.


Fire is responsible for the most expensive property damage. A fire can destroy the entire structure of your home. Smoke and water can also contribute to the destruction.


The most common cause of water damage inside homes is busted pipes. The risk of pipes bursting is  high in the winter when temperatures drop. Leaky pipes and appliances can also be an issue.

General Property Damage

People make mistakes. If the kid next door throws an errant baseball through your window or your newly-licensed teenager drives into your garage door, you’ll want to be protected.


These claims are the result of someone getting injured on your property. Remember that you are responsible for injuries to people on your sidewalk and even to unwanted visitors.

You may do everything you can to protect your home and keep it safe, but some things are out of your control. Property insurance helps make sure that you are covered in these situations.