3 Ways to Reduce Rental Property Vacancy

Obtaining rental income protection can help bring landlords peace of mind. Keeping tenants in your rental makes the whole process easier.

Relationship Building

Building good relationships with the tenants you do have can keep them in the property longer. Strong tenant relationships can make showing the property easier when they prepare to move out. Take advantage of the 30-day window to show the home to prospective tenants to avoid a gap in occupancy.

Lease Agreement

Make sure the lease is rock solid. You want to include things such as rent due dates, amount, late fees if applicable and move out notices. As seen on www.rentrescue.com, tenant default can affect your cash flow and investment in a property. Using a rental income protection policy can help cover the loss due to a renter’s failure to pay their agreed-upon rent.

Numbers Game

Remember finding tenants for a rental property is a numbers game. Hustle when you seek renters for your property. This may mean putting in a lot of work for a few weeks to ensure a tenant moves in earlier rather than leaving the property sitting vacant.

Rental income protection is an easy way to keep your cash flowing should a tenant default on their rent. Using these tips can help you get a new tenant in the property faster.