3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insurance Agent

Asking a potential insurance agent the right questions during your initial research is so important. Unfortunately, many business owners simply don’t know the right commercial insurance questions to ask, and walk away without the data they really need to make an informed decision. Instead of joining the mass of uninformed business owners out there, be sure to ask your agent these three questions before committing to any specific provider:

1. “What Does This Policy Cover and What Does it Exclude?”

Your policy is what you’re putting forth all the effort for, so you need to make sure it’s exactly what you need before signing any sort of contract. Get the specifics of what a policy includes to ensure you’re not overpaying for services you won’t need, and learn what won’t be included so you can buy supplementary coverage if needed.

2. “Who is Covered by This Policy?”

Find out which of your employees are covered by a policy to ensure your workers are able to perform their duties safely and without financial risk to your business.

3. “How Can I Pay for My Coverage?”

Many agents will offer you the opportunity to either pay your premium up front, or may require monthly payments. Speak to your agent about your options to ensure you’re getting the payment options that work best for you.

Asking these commercial insurance questions can help you ensure you’re getting the policy you really need to keep your business moving forward. After all, having the right information is the key to making an informed decision.