3 Commercial Insurance Coverage Benefits

A commercial property policy can protect a business from losses that result from theft, severe weather and vandalism. For individuals who own a business Florida, insurance for commercial property in Orlando may be required by the bank or mortgage lender if there is leased or owned office space. Not only can it safeguard the company’s assets, but also the employees and customers of the business.

Bodily Injury

Business owners want their facilities to be safe for their employees and customers. Commercial liability coverage safeguards the organization from expensive claims that may result from physical harm coming to individuals while on the property.

Fire Damage

A fire can be devastating to a business. Having insurance on the physical structure reduces risk and can help the organizations get back on its feet. Policies may cover fire damage restoration, general cleaning and smoke odor removal. Add-ons may help recoup the costs of replacing equipment.

Home-Based Business

A typical homeowner’s policy may cover some aspects of a company, but that may be insufficient, depending on how much space is used for business-related activities. A commercial policy may reduce risk and eliminate coverage gaps.

There are many options for insurance for commercial property in Orlando. A professional, experienced in meeting business needs, can help you decide what coverage you need and balance exposure with cost.